Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Now, An Academic Writer

I realized a few days ago that all my posts on this blog have recently been always related to medicine and medical life. They have been more of a guidance and philosophical posts which thankfully many readers have appreciated. Even then I feel I need to take up some different topics.

I feel proud to tell you that I have been requested by a friend of mine to also contribute to her blog called Medicowesome and I am indeed honored to have been given this opportunity to write actual academic explanations on the basis of my meager and limited medical knowledge and understanding. However I believe that the concept of this blog is really amazing since it is a perspective of us LEARNERS about the intriguing field of medicine.

So I request you to check out Medicowesome for epic mnemonics, memorable doodles and easy to remember tricks for our common medical exam questions. You can request for specific topics and concept explanations if you would like to be cleared on the blog too.
Happy studying! :)